Strengthening 50+

The “St George Hospital Strengthening for over 60’s classes” are accredited by St George Hospital and Fitness Australia. Participants under 60 years are also welcome to join the classes.

Nicky, your instructor has been specially trained by physiotherapists at St George Hospital in collaboration with Fitness Australia to provide this program in the ACT.

Prior to moving to the ACT, Nicky instructed these Strength classes for ten years in the Blue Mountains area of N.S.W with hugely successful results. Clients experienced increases in strength and mobility after just a few sessions.

Initially devised by a physiotherapist, these classes are designed to maintain bone density, improve lean muscle mass, co-ordination, flexibility and balance. Individuals with osteoporosis, controlled diabetes, controlled ischaemia, or joint replacements are just some of the seniors population that may benefit from attending.

Hand held weights, resistance bands and balancing discs are all utilised to provide a progressive strength training program. Newsletters are provided over the course of the year to impart additional information on exercise, nutrition and latest scientific research.

Current research suggests that resistance training, or strength training, can improve strength, functional ability, balance, bone density and reduce depression in older people. It can also reduce cardiovascular risk factors and combat risk factors for falls and fractures.

We are a friendly non-competitive group and many of our participants enjoy the other classes on offer. We regularly enjoy treks to Tidbinbilla, the Botanic Gardens and other social events.

Class participants wear leggings or tracksuit pants with t – shirts and supportive training or walking shoes. Mats are provided but please feel free to bring your own mat.

Who Can Participate?

There are very few reasons why an older person could not participate in a strengthening program. If done safely and correctly, resistance training has been shown to improve common chronic conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, depression, joint replacements, stable diabetes and stable ischaemic heart disease.

The program is not intended for the extremely frail with significant mobility problems or as a replacement for someone needing a rehabilitation program.

 Older people cannot participate if they have:

  • uncontrolled heart problems or chest pain,
  • uncontrolled diabetes,
  • uncontrolled hypertension,
  • A hernia or known aneurism.
  • Significant immobility or advanced neurological disability

A medical clearance is a prerequisite for this programme.

Medical Clearance Form

Registration Form

Strengthening Classes can help:

  • Increase lean muscle mass.

  • Alleviate back, knee, hip and shoulder issues by mobilising the joints.

  • Combat risk factors for falls and injuries.

  • Improve posture and balance.

  • Reduce the risk of osteoporosis by maintaining bone density.

  • Manage arthritis and other chronic conditions.

  • Ward off depression and low self esteem.

  • Improve motor skills and hand eye co-ordination.

  • Assist in a healthier, robust and enjoyable life.

Strengthening 50+

When: Wednesday 9.30am & Thursday 9.30am – Bonython Neighbourhood Hub > Get Directions
Cost of Class  – $22.00
Seniors 60+ – $17.00
10, 20 and 30 session packs are available.

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Thankyou thankyou thankyou. You gave me the confidence and skills to strengthen my back, exercise and lose weight. You helped me through a difficult time. You are a great trainer, always encouraging (even when I ate jars of jam).

Angela Brown , NSW


Class numbers are limited so bookings are essential.

Make a start to a healthier lifestyle.