Stretch Classes

Flexibility is crucial for full range of motion (ROM) throughout the joints, relieving tightness and muscle imbalances in the body and promoting better blood flow within the circulatory system.

Many office workers or individuals that spend a lot of time curled over computers or sitting in chairs may experience chronic tightness and pain in their back, neck and shoulders  resulting in poor postural alignment, tension headaches and an increased risk of osteoporosis and respiratory issues.

Sitting for hours driving a car also shortens hip flexors which over time creates lower back instability and pelvis alignment concerns.

Even for individuals that exercise regularly, muscle imbalances and dissimilarity in body symmetry can cause injury and dysfunction within the body.

The Stretch class at Bonython is designed to focus on creating strong, flexible bodies. It is instructed in a way that beginners through to the advanced participant will benefit. All age levels can vastly improve their flexibility with the method performed in the class. Chairs and mats are provided to assist with participants differing levels within the session.

Foam rollers and trigger point therapy balls are utilised for myo-fascial release and to target specific areas of the body. Thera bands provide intensity within the stretch and discs are used for support as we move further into the stretch.

We focus on different parts of the body each week and spend a considerable amount of time relaxing into a specific stretch and allowing the body’s musculature to lengthen in small increments over time.

Class participants have noticed maximal benefits in body alignment, back functionality and increased range of motion in joints after participating on a regular basis.

Acquiring a strong and flexible body will help:

  • Alleviate chronic back pain.

  • Mobilise the joints and improve range of motion.

  • Decrease risk of injury.

  • Improve postural alignment.

  • Increase flexibility and decrease tension within the body.

  • Create symmetry within the body.

  • Improve muscle imbalances.

  • Lower work stress and/or anxiety levels.

  • Reduce the reoccurrence of individuals with Sciatica or Sacro Iliac joint issues.

  • Reduce tension headaches due to realignment of the upper body.

Stretch Classes


Cost of class – $22.00
Seniors cost -$17.00
10, 20 and 30 session packs are available.

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Nicky you are an inspiration in that you have given one hundred and one percent of yourself. I attribute my recovery after my last back operation to your pre-op care.

Noeleen O'Beirne, NSW


Class numbers are limited so bookings are essential.

Make a start to a healthier lifestyle.